Our Story

For more than 12 years, Artemisia Metal Fabrication, Inc. has been working with commercial and residential clients to bring inspired, modern, and functional metal fabrication projects to life.

Founded by business partners Amos Mackie, and Mons Kapoor, who together combine more than 40 years’ of expertise and passion in the metal fabrication craft, Artemisia works collaboratively with clients to deliver high quality custom metal projects that meet the structural requirements, functional needs, and the aesthetic vision of each unique application.

Our design inspiration often comes from nature, and we focus on letting the natural beauty of the metals and materials tell the story. We use a variety of reliable and elegant finishing techniques to enhance the simple, clean look of our projects according to our customers’ needs and visions. 

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, ensuring pieces flow elegantly with the spaces they’re custom-designed for, reliably serve their purpose, and are built with materials that will stand up to long-term use, wear, and environmental conditions.

Artemisia metal works are featured in projects all around the Metro Vancouver region, and beyond.

Quality Craftmanship

We apply our extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of the metal fabrication craft to ensure the fine details of every project are considered and taken care of.  By understanding each project’s unique needs we’re able to make the right material and process choices to develop quality, client-tailored projects we feel proud to stand behind.

Collaborative Approach

Our pieces are designed and built to last for many years, and our aim is to ensure our clients are happy with Artemisia’s work for just as long.  By collaborating closely with each client to understand their needs and vision, supporting them with any step in the process, and connecting with trusted expert partners as needed, we’re able to deliver high quality projects that meet client expectations, on budget, and on time.

Experience & Experimentation

Combining our breadth of experience and material knowledge with creative experimentation helps us continually expand our design ideas and metal fabrication techniques to support current and future clients. We enjoy applying our creative process and precision fabrication to the types of work we know best, and adapting our talents to create exciting new custom works.

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